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The Success Of Aclevo: Over 50 Members & How To Make a Successful Group

Welcome back to my blog. I've been very busy ever since the restart of Aclevo, and I'm here to tell you that it's become very successful. I never thought I would make it this far in my lifetime to have to have so many members part of this group I founded and run to this day. I have to thank everyone on this big team, and everyone who has been in the past for bringing us to where we are today. Therefore, to give thanks, I will be talking about how I have made it this far, and what you can do to achieve the success I have made with Aclevo.

1. Never Give Up I cannot stress this enough to anyone who wishes to work toward their goals in general. Back when I started participating in this business of making these groups, I had exactly zero (0) members. Any members that I did have in those old groups either left after a day or so, or ended up destroying the group inside out. This ended up ruining the group from the inside out and left no use for it anymore. But when those failures…

Song Of The Bay

I found my old accordion laying around and I decided to make a song with it. This one makes me think about sailing and the ocean.

Song Of The Bay
- by Reasonably Selenium

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Reconstruction - Content You Want To See

Welcome back to my new blog everyone. I have decided to switch my main blog from Tumblr to Blogger, and completely gave the website a great face-lift. I really hope you enjoy refresh, and I'd like to thank Google for providing a great blogging platform. With that being said, I'm currently going to be working on some changes to I distribute my content to benefit you, the viewers. Don't worry, I'll still be using Tumblr, as I'll explain later in this article, but there are going to be some changes to what's being displayed there. Now without further ado, here's some information about what's to come for you all, and what's changed.
Blogger: Announcements, Reviews, Tutorials, & Fun Available at -- You Are Here! My main website, which uses the domain I got from Freenom (, is going to be all about Announcements, Reviews, Tutorials, and Fun. As my professional blog, only content that is considered to be profess…

Second Public Apology To Carver & His Friends

Dear Carver;

I screwed up again. I let Aclevo take down the apology letter, therefore breaking the contract saying that I would keep it up. This caused me to break the trust that I did have with you. I also made up lies saying you are a fascist and that you were a bad person. This is not true, and I knew it from the beginning as you were the one that hosted the website and also hosted our Minecraft server. I made up lies about your friends saying that they were fascist and damn kids. This damaged not only your reputation but also your friends' reputations, causing them to suffer from the pain I have caused. In totality, I have now caused more pain than I have last time.

I, Reasonably Selenium, sincerely apologize for all the damages I have caused to Carver Harrison and Alex Shulsinger, collectively Dorper, and any of it's affiliates. This includes all false and defamatory statements regarding Dorper and its ongoing matters with Aclevo, especially those false allegations, which…

A Public Apology To Carver

Dear Carver; I, Reasonably Selenium, publicly apologize for not being assertive about what was going on with the problems with our organization, for not respecting the services you have personally gave for Aclevo, and for not taking down the video in question that you previously wanted me to take down. I should have been more upfront about what my organization, my peers, and my partners needed from you to make our company thrive. Instead, I betrayed you by talking behind your back about the problems we were facing. I should have merited the services you gave to us, which you worked very hard on to keep our members happy. Instead, I chose to not admire the services you gave to me and disrespect you. I should have taken the YouTube Video that was yours down as soon as you wanted me to take it down. Instead, I chose to keep the video up and ignore your demands to the point where you had to spend time to file a copyright claim against me. My selfish actions against you have caused an unn…