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Second Public Apology To Carver & His Friends

Dear Carver;

I screwed up again. I let Aclevo take down the apology letter, therefore breaking the contract saying that I would keep it up. This caused me to break the trust that I did have with you. I also made up lies saying you are a fascist and that you were a bad person. This is not true, and I knew it from the beginning as you were the one that hosted the website and also hosted our Minecraft server. I made up lies about your friends saying that they were fascist and damn kids. This damaged not only your reputation but also your friends' reputations, causing them to suffer from the pain I have caused. In totality, I have now caused more pain than I have last time.

I, Reasonably Selenium, sincerely apologize for all the damages I have caused to Carver Harrison and Alex Shulsinger, collectively Dorper, and any of it's affiliates. This includes all false and defamatory statements regarding Dorper and its ongoing matters with Aclevo, especially those false allegations, which…